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안녕하세요! My name is Emily. I love dogs, cats, wolves, primates, soccer and bubble tea. I am also an instaddict!

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About The Author

This is a tired but happy-looking me after making a prayer necklace at Jogyesa Temple.
I had to do a standard bow for every bead that i threaded. (a prayer necklace consists of 108 prayer beads)

Emily leaves the Little Red Dot and heads over to South Korea along with Joshua, Shaun and Nathan.

Joshua has a keen eye for detail and is kept closest to Emily's heart(most of the time).

Shaun enjoys hearing Emily's voice and also loves it when she smiles at him.

Nathan, ah Nathan...

Nathan hugs Emily from the back whenever she brings him out. Nathan knows everything about Emily. He knows what she likes and what she is looking for.


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