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Day 1 Guesthouse + Changdeokgung

With the help of a very kind and cute ahjusshi, i got to Sinseol-dong where my guesthouse is.
However, i couldn't find the exit that is nearest to my guesthouse...
I carried and semi-dragged my luggage(ok, i should give it a name) up and down flights of stairs because i couldn't locate the cafe that is beside my guesthouse.
I dragged Mr. Bobo(my 20kg luggage) on the streets for a good ten minutes before i asked this ahjumma and she in turned directed me to another man who spoke some English.
He called up the guesthouse and brought me through this street  before i saw the apartments that are beside my guesthouse.
Acts of kindness like these make my day.
He could have just walked away, but he didn't.

Subsequently, Mr. Bobo was lovingly carried up to the third storey of the building by yours truly who was perspiring as though i was a canned drink that got taken out of the freezer.

I booked a single room at Backpackers Korea Dongdaemun.
To see such a neat and cosy abode after an exhausting journey with Mr. Bobo and dearest Nathan was a really great feeling.
It was also comforting to know that i can communicate easily with the hosts because finally, i am understood.

If you do not want the whole world to hear how heavy your 'canons' are, i would recommend a room with an attached bathroom. This room is also has a public balcony outside. 

The blue door leads to my room. IN DA HOUZE YO.

After letting Mr. Bobo and Nathan lie on top of one another on the ground, i left for Changdeokgung Palace.

 I felt like i was walking on air as i trotted happily up and down the stairs when i travelled from one platform to another.
If i let my feelings take charge, i would be skipping and smiling to everyone.
There is a special kind of joy in being alone.
I can't understand a thing people are saying.
Likewise, they do not know me and how much i am enjoying my time.

I bought tickets for the unguided tour in Changdeokgung. (because i was way too early for the guided ones)
I would recommend this if you are a photographer because you can take your own sweet time to capture the picturesque sceneries without having any other tourists appearing in your pictures.

Basically i just took a handful of photos(ok, about a million of them).
There are some routes that are less frequented by visitors.
In those fleeting moments, when the sound of the bustling streets get drowned out, i felt as though i was back in the Joseon era.

For 3000won, it is a must-visit place.


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