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Day 51 Busan: Igidae Park

One of my regrets is probably to not have sufficient time to complete the entire coastal walk at Igidae Park. I slapped on some SPF 50++ sunscreen before i left home but i still got some pretty hideous tan-lines. I also managed to soak my shirt in a newly formulated washing liquid called perspiration. Perhaps it would be better idea to visit the park in the evening when the sun is setting.

Today's Igidae park didn't see much of a crowd. At some points, i felt that the entire coast belonged to me, which made it even more beautiful. There were some people fishing and soaking up the swash along the pebbled coasts beneath the suspension bridges. It is hard not to get seduced by Igidae Park's coastal charms.

The only drawback is the extremely loooong walk to the main park. it takes about 20 minutes. (Directions are at the end of the post)

Gwangalli Bridge in the distance


Directions to Igidae Park:
1. Get out of exit 3 of Namcheon station, take the first left turn and walk all the way down the street till you reach a T-junction.
2. Turn right and when you reach the main road, turn left. Mega mart will be on your left.
3. Walk straight till you reach a major road junction. cross over to the other side. You will have to cross over the side that is diagonally opposite to be able to continue walking straight.
4. Walk all the way straight and follow the cycling trails into the golf centre.
5. Turn left at the golf centre and go up the slope towards the starting point of the trail.

I snapped a photo of this on a website with my mobile phone the night before. I don't have the url of the website with me anymore. Apologies to the author.



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