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Day 50 Busan: Beomosa Temple

'Beomosa Temple was built by the great priest Uisang in 678 during the reign of King MunMu of the Silla Dynasty, as one of the ten HwaEom temples in Korea. It was established to realise the purpose of HwaEom which pursues life full of happiness and generosity.'

I always find it hard to take nice pictures of temples. I grapple with the problem of taking side shots of the halls because of the uniquely-shaped roofs.

To get to Beomosa temple, get out via exit 5, through the street between exits 5 and 7. You will be able to see a bus terminal about 120m away. Board bus #90 all the way to Beomosa Temple.

I grabbed a brochure off the shelves near the information booth. There is one page that contains a quote which i thought i should share here:
World has no discrimination, but thoughts create discrimination.



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