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Day 51 Cafe: Mio Cafe (at Busan's Book Alley)

Before i left Busan, i dropped by the Book Alley once more to get some books. Then, i went to a nearby cafe to get a drink and read.

Mio Cafe is great place to hang out at after you're done checking out the book alley!

On the way to the Book Alley


Lemonade, 5500won

From Jagalchi station, get out of exit 7, turn left at the corner and walk all the way straight for about 350m past PIFF square and Gukje Market. You will reach an intersection and the grey pillar which says 'Bosu-Dong Book Street' will be on the opposite side of the road.
Cross over and through the alley till you reach an intersection.
Keep to your right and walk straight. Mio Cafe will be on your left.



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