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Day 48 Busan: Gukje Market, Gwangbok-ro Street

I got out from exit 5 of Nampo-dong station and somehow i walked till i found my way to Gwangbok-ro fashion street. From there, i found my way to Gukje Market and BIFF and parts of the adjacent markets. The streets were quite packed but i still enjoyed walking through the crowded streets and browsing through whatever attracts me.

I found myself at Gukje Market and i searched for the food alley. I think bibim tangmyeon might be one of the signature dishes in this market because there are a number of shops selling the same thing. I ordered a bowl without vegetables. I like the that the glass noodles used are soft and easy to chew. They added some kind of sauce(tasted like sesame oil/soy sauce) and hot sauce as well. It is really spicy for me even though i scooped out a small portion of the hot sauce, but delicious nonetheless. I finished everything on my bowl.

Bibim Tangmyeon without vegetables, 3500won

BIFF square in the evening

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