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Day 1 Dongdaemun + Sungshin Women's Univ.

Dongdaemun is massive.
It resembles Bangkok's wholesale shopping area.

I visited the shoe market, the textile market and a small part of the food street.

They also have a few fashion malls which consist of hundreds of shops in one building.

After Dongdaemun, i planned to head back to Sinseol-dong to check out the Seoul Folk Flea Market.
BUT DAMN IT, I missed the stop because i was day-dreaming HAHA, so i decided to head over to Sungshin Women's Univ. Station.
I am guessing that they will have a lot of shops there because there's a women's university nearby.
The main street was packed! 
I also noticed that a lot of guys hang out here. 
Probably because there's a women's university nearby? HAH

I would say that this was a successful (unintentional) subway-hop.

Take exit 1 walk for about 30m. The main street will be on you right.

In the background(further down the street), there was a human flood.
At the end of the main street, turn left and look out for Yoger Presso on your left.

I rested in a small cafe off the main street.
Ordered something that i would never pamper myself with back home.
I chose the seats near the window and watched people walk by.
Every time i look at people like that i always wonder about what is going on in their lives.

Honey Chip Yoghurt Ice Cream with Kiwi, 4500won.
Tomorrow will be a great day (:

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