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Day 2 Insadong: Ssamzie-gil, Miss Lee Cafe

I like Insadong Street. The sights, the sounds and the smells... ahhh, it is a great place to be in on a friday afternoon. There are numerous souvenir shops so i'll probably be heading back to do last-minute shopping. Shops selling antiques nestle comfortably along the streets. There are also a number of shops selling women's clothing. As for cafes and restaurants, let's just say they can be found with a turn of the head.

Alleys branching out from the main street are home to many restaurants as well.


I headed over to Ssamzie-gil, another tourist hotspot. Ssamzie-gil is a melting pot of everything cute, quirky and traditional. The crafts are mostly handmade by the designers and the stuff sold in some shops are exquisite and unique. There is a workshop situated at the basement which offers on-the-spot courses whereby customers can choose to do a DIY mug or even bake a cake.

Mandu Stall near the side entrance of Ssamzie-gil


Juice store with great service at Insadong

A 'beautiful tea museum' (as stated on the banner). 
A stall selling second-hand books beside the 'beautiful tea museum'


I had lunch at the popular Miss Lee Cafe at the front of the main Insadong street. 
It is about 100m ahead of exit 6 of Anguk Station.
Walk straight along the pathway and when you arrive at the opening of Insadong street, it will be across the narrow road adjacent to the G25 convenience store.

Insadong street. Miss Lee Cafe is out of the frame on the right end of the picture.

Group of people attempting a mini Free Hug campaign

Dosirak: 5,500 won. Comes with crab shell soup and cold water.

The mess after shaking the lunch box, 
 Service: 8/10
Food: 9/10
Ambience: 7/10

Yummy yummy, i ate every bit of it.



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