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Day 38 Hongdae: Lunch + Hello Kitty Cafe

After (almost) drooling at all the cute handmade crafts at the Free Market, we walked down the street and entered this small eatery on the right side of street.
My friend got Kimchi Fried Rice while i decided to eat buckwheat noodles (Mul Naegmyeon 물냉면) again. 
The fried rice is very spicy and but we found the noodles tasty!
I suppose the eatery is known for their fried rice because quite a number of customers ordered that.


On our way back to the subway station, we passed by the Hello Kitty Cafe.
My friend has been wanting to go there so when we saw it, we looked at each other and smiled.
I am not a fan of Hello Kitty, and neither am i a fan of pink, but i was thinking that desert with a hello kitty character on it would be pretty cute HAHA.

We didn't try their drinks but i would love to try it if i have the chance to in the next few weeks.
Or maybe not. HAHA

Kimchi Fried Rice, 4500won

Mul Naengmyeon, 4500won
I love buckwheat noodles!
Such a simple yet delicious dish.


Hello Kitty Triramisu(5000won) and Yogurt Plain Ice Cream(4000won)

Directions to the cafe (from exit 9 of Hongik Univ. Station)
Credits to eatyourkimchi.com !

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