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Day 37 Suwon: Traditional Archery

One of the highlights of my Suwon day trip is the Traditional Archery experience.
If you start from Paldalmun's ticket booth, you will only reach the archery grounds after completing about two-thirds of the route.

It costs 2000won to fire ten arrows.
I think if you enjoy doing sports, you should just purchase 3 tickets at the counter.
The program is held at 30-minute intervals.
While i waited for my turn, the instructors were having fun firing at the target boards that are about 60 metres away.
It is great to have a hobby, to have something that you throughly enjoy doing.
My hobbies are running, playing soccer, playing with dogs, taking care of animals(and friendly old people)(not insects and children...) and eating ice cream. haha

After a short briefing by the instructor, we were given time to take shots at the target board.(the one that's 30m away)
I pulled the string back and whoa, it required so much strength that my arms trembled.
An older instructor corrected the position of my arms and gave me the command to release the arrow.
I held my breath and released my fingers.
The arrow shot through the air and missed the top right corner of the HUGE target board.
It was a thrilling experience.
I felt the adrenaline rushing through my veins.
I finally hit the black creature during my forth try!

I bought another ticket and continued shooting.

The thrill of wanting to succeed, the burning desire to outdo oneself and reach one's full potential and the elation when one's efforts pay off...
Is that why so many people love sports?


After the fun archery session, i continued on the journey along the fortress walls.

In my opinion, Suwon's Hwaseong Fortress is a must-visit place in Seoul.
It is especially enjoyable to go during a weekday when there are lesser people.

I hit the creature's ear during the first round HEHEHE

My second round.
The other five arrows went over the board.
Maybe the National Archery Federation will talent-scout me HAHAHA kidding...

Paldalmun and the starting point of my journey int he background.

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