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Day 35 Pajeon, Korean Pancake

We headed over to the same restaurant Nokdu-ro again but with much difficulty because the taxi drivers near Naksongdae Station didn't know where the street was, so we took a bus back to our dorms and cabbed there.

It is near SNU's main gate.
When the driver arrived at the street, we told her to drop us off at Lotteria.

You will see this bakery beside Lotteria.

Turn right into the street and put your left hand on the wall and walk all along the street. 
There will be a small slope leading downwards at the next intersection.
This supermarket is at the intersection:

This is the small slope leading to the restaurant:

Go down the slope and you will see the restaurant on your right.

We ordered Seafood Pancake, Kimchi Pancake and some beer(or was it wine?) that tasted horrible to me.
I took a sip and my face cringed up till i resembled a human version of a pug.
I am a very fussy eater and i don't drink alcoholic drinks so my opinion is a biased one. hehehe

It was 1030pm when we started eating.
The seafood pajeon came first and it was delicious.
It has a dough-like texture which reminded me of roti prata.
The pancake contains bits of squid, mussels and some vegetables(which don't taste like vegetables! yay).

Using my chopsticks, i skilfully pulled out a chunk of pancake, dipped it into the special brown sauce given and stuffed it into my mouth.
i just savoured a slice of heaven.

The kimchi pancake did not match up to its seafood counterpart, but it didn't disappoint.

There were five of us and two pancakes are sufficient to feed (most of) us. 
With the exception of yours truly, who desired for more slices of heaven.


Yummy food aside, i had a great time chatting with my friends about the different ways people drink their alcohol.
In particular, we studied and demonstrated how Chinese people do it in the past.(our limited knowledge came from TV shows)
It was really fun to talk to, laugh with and listen to them.
Thank you!!(if you are reading this!) 

The ambience in the restaurant is great.
It is dimly-lit and we all sat on cushions on the straw mats.
The interior is somewhat like that of a mud hut.
If they had provided some costumes from the Joseon era, the setting would be perfect.

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