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Day 37 Suwon: Mul Naengmyeon (물냉면)

Facing the front of Paldalmun, there will be a Fine Art Street on the right side of it.
I tried Mul Naengmyeon for the first time in an eatery situated in this area.

Mul naengmyeon is made from a broth made from chicken or beef. Usually mul naengmyeon is garnished with sliced cucumbers and a boiled egg.

The dish also comes with ice bits and the broth is a little salty.
The noodles are very chewy and it might be tough to bite the noodles.
I find this dish to be a simple yet appetizing dish.
One of my favourite dishes in Korea now.

The restaurant i ate at is situated in a side street.
To get there, take the first left turn along the street.
It is pretty near the entrance.
The prices are very attractive.
Most of the dishes cost 3000won.

Having a bowl of delicious cold noodles is a great way to end a day trip.



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