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Day 36 Lunch at Farm Kamille restaurant in Hongdae

I might not have had coffee at a quaint cafe, but i had lunch at a quaint restaurant! HAHA
While wandering around the relatively empty streets, i spotted Farm Kamille.
I like the design of it so much that i went in to try their food.

I think the price is very reasonable but my dish is too spicy for my liking.
Sorry but i really don't know where the place is.
If you wander around and end up on a street with shops selling clothes on the left side of the street and  a hill on the right, the restaurant will be in one of the streets that branch out from the main street.
It is very easy to find it once you reach the 'single-sided fashion street'.

The elderly care centre or community centre (or so i think) near the famous playground in Hongik

Lunch special: Chicken with Vegetables(in spicy oyster sauce) + Herb Tea of your choice, 8000 won

I asked to remove the vegetables hahaha



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