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Day 40 Food & Friends

I wanted to find a particular book cafe near Seoul National Univ. station but i was unsuccessful.
So i ate at a cafe cum learning centre for kids.
It is called SGS if i am not wrong.
(walk straight after emerging from exit 2 for about 250m)
It is a cosy place and the owner is very friendly!

Donkatsu, 6000won


After lessons, i joined a group of friends for dinner at a chain restaurant, Kim Bap Cheonguk.
There is branch in our school and i realised this was the restaurant that i didn't like.
I stated in one of my previous posts that it would be my 'second and last time' eating there.

This time, i ordered Cheese Labokki and it is quite good!
It is basically a heap of noodles tossed with teokbokki and odeng in hotsauce.
It is a spicy dish and i was sweating as i devoured the noodles.

Souvenirs from Andong


Cheese Labokki -  Ramen + Teokbokki + Odeng + Cheese + Half an egg in spicy sauce, 3500won.

Kim Bap Cheon Guk

After dinner, we went to Sadang station to get some gifts.

Manjoo - corn custard puffs, 2000won

Shops like these are abundant in Seoul and can be found in subway station, on the streets and in shopping districts.

Screen cleaning cloth from Bandi & Luni's at Sadang station, 2500won



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