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Day 53 A Day at Home

We were originally supposed to go swimming but the weather was really quite terrible. I spent my time chatting with Mr and Mrs Kim. Mr Kim also shared about his trip to Las Vegas. He showed me the photo magazines of the Grand Canyon, the Zion Canyon and the Bryce Canyon. He encouraged me to go on a road trip. If there ever is a reason for me to get a driving license, i think this would be it - to rent a car and embark on a road trip to the canyons.

So we stayed indoors. After lunch, i spotted a sunburnt Joo Kyung throwing the baseball against the sliding doors. Being a big-sister-wannabe, i picked up a toy bat and we ended up playing baseball in the living room. Later on, we also played our favourite 1v1 game. I had so much fun laughing, shielding the ball, attempting to dribble past him, getting shoved and watching him fall down on the mat. During that brief hour or so, i felt like a child again, full of youthful innocence and rid of worries and regrets. Life felt really simple. 

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