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Day 56 Good food + Bauhaus visit with a friend!


I finally met up with a friend whom i met during the first few days of my trip! We had a mixture of squid, pork and bean sprouts for lunch. I forgot what this is called but it only costs 7,500won per person and it is really delicious and filling!

After lunch, we headed to BAU Haus dog cafe!! I ordered an Oreo shake (7,500won) and i think it tastes pretty good! There were so many dogs to meet and we went around making friends with everyone! The cafe is divided into two sections and the larger dogs are mainly kept in the more spacious inner section. The dogs are free to roam around, sit on any available couch, pee and poo anywhere, sit on any available lap and lick any face that they like. 

When we got tired of socialising, we chilled and waited for them to come over but of course, they were more attracted to the beauty of the people who had treats(the cafe sells treats as well) in their hands!

There was one particular dog who thoroughly enjoys my friend's company. He was always spotted attempting to snooze on my friend's lap whenever we went over to the section for smaller dogs. He does, however, is a little feisty and does not get along that well with other dogs. It was really interesting to observe how differently each dog behaves. There was one white dog who went around playing(or sometimes bullying) the smaller dogs and he never remained in the same spot for more than 10 seconds. Another dog who is really huge hopped onto any sofa that he/she could find and changed his/resting spot every 2 minutes. Then, there are also the ones who are either really sleepy or who can't be bothered to play and socialise. One of the huskies is my favourite of the lot because he is has a goofy look and he enjoys getting his belly rubbed. I also saw an Alaskan Malamute for the first time in my life. He is a resident of the cafe. When we arrived, he was lounging around somewhere but later on, when he stood up, i felt my jaw drop a little. He was huge. Majestic, i should say. So beautiful. I have watched movies like Eight Below but seeing a Malamute in real life is an entirely different experience. 




My friend's teddy.

sooooo cuteeee

Beo-ri, the Alaskan Malamute

The huge furball who hops onto any sofa that he claims as his own.

Directions: Exit 3 of Hapjeong station. Make a 180 degree turn when you emerge from the exit and you will see a sign which will direct you to the cafe.

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