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Day 54 The Dark Night Rises at Gangnam!

Today i watched a movie! I seldom watch movies and after Avatar came out, i didn't enter a cinema for about a year. The hunger Games was the last movie that i caught.

I had a great time with Nam Myung and Seoyoung. Thank you for the company!


Bubble Pong's cookie smoothie, 4300 won.


The Frypan has got really delicious chicken. It has branches around Seoul. I went to the branch at Gangnam. Rough directions can be found here.

The chicken meat is really tender and juicy. They also serve freshly-prepared potato chips. If i am not worried about my pimple-prone skin, i would definitely stuff the chips into my mouth.

25,800won of chicken goodness.

22,800won Chicken Tender Without Bones


Tiramisu Bingsoo at COEX's Twosome Place


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