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Day 58 Goodbye Seoul

I have sat on many buses in Korea when i travelled within Seoul and to other cities. Every time i board a bus, my toes tingle with excitement at the thought of visiting a new place or meeting my friends. Sometimes, i will even take a bus to another subway station when there is one nearby. Buses are where i look out of the windows and admire the city. It is also where i collect my thoughts. The bus ride to the airport was the most sombre one of all.

I came alone and I left alone.
However, i left with memories that will last a lifetime.
My life in Korea has been enriched by the places i have been to and the people that i have met.

I am typing this a month late, but my feelings are no less intense. I hope that i can write again in this travel blog in the near future. I know i definitely will, it is just a matter of time.



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