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Day 7 Hyehwa + the day i laughed the hardest

 I went to Hyehwa station at about 1pm.
I planned to visit Maronnier  Park but i was unable to find it and i ended up circling the same area about three times.
I saw two ladies and decided to ask for directions(finally).
One of them started speaking to me in Japanese until i replied in English.
She then burst out laughing and said that she was embarrassed.

We walked to Maronnier Park and apparently it is currently under construction.

The two ladies said that they were heading to a bubble tea store and asked me to join them.
I immediately blurted out, "GONGCHA??".
They had no idea what gongcha was. Whoops.
I followed them anyway and i chatted with the lady who spoke fluent English while the other lady figured out the directions to the bubble tea store.

We arrived at the store after a pretty long walk.
They treated me to a drink and i felt so bad about it...
We set down and chatted for about an hour.
Our conversation ranged from studies to Korean guys. HAHAHA
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.
I have never laughed this hard since i arrived in Korea.
Meeting them today really made my day.


Exit 2


Exit 3

You will see this on the opposite side of the road when you emerge from exit 2

Walk to the end of the street and cross the road. You will see this store.

Walk along the street till you see Jawsfood on your left.
According to Cho, she thinks that they serve the best tteokbokki.

This was what i saw when we emerged from the side street where the bubble tea shop is located.
The stall is situated in one of the alleys on the right side of the street after Jawsfood.
It should be pretty easy to locate the place.

Original Milk Tea with Jelly, 2500won.

Kim and Cho!
I wish you guys all the best in everything that you do.

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Yoyo!! Looks like you're having a lot of fun there eh~ HOW WAS THE BUBBLE TEA?? NICE ANOTT HAHAHA

By Anonymous choobs, at June 24, 2012 at 3:41 PM  

I just saw your comment haha YES!!! I AM!!! GONGCHA is still the best! but i had good company that day so it didn't matter hehe

By Blogger Unknown, at June 28, 2012 at 10:58 PM  

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