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Day 6 Haneul Park (World Cup Stadium)

Time flies.
Today is my last day at Mr Kim's house.
During breakfast, i stuffed myself with anchovies as usual.
Grandma gave us traditional soup made by boiling rice taken from the bottom of the cooking pot in hot water.
Whenever i see Grandma, she is always busy preparing food for the family.
She puts her heart into feeding her family and is always asking us to eat our fill.

After dinner, Nam Myung and i heade over to Haneul Park which is situated near the World Cup Stadium station.
It took use about 40 minutes to locate the bicycle rental booth HAHA.

My first taxi ride in Korea. (100 won / km subsequently)

You will need a Korean ID number to rent a bike for free for the first 2 hours. In my case, i left my passport at the kiosk.

Bridge leading to Haneul Park

The route up to the peak is a challenging one.
But i did it!!
I cycled about 75% of the time and as much as it was extremely taxing on the thigh muscles, getting to the peak was worth all the sweat and effort.

Taken at one of the rest points


Ah, the taste of success was so sweet.
Nam Myung gave up halfway and i told her that i would be back in ten minutes but i took about half an hour whoops.
I couldn't resist not cycling around the entire park because it was really tranquil and there was practically no one in sight.

Apparently Haneul Park used to be a landfill.

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