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Day 5 Samcheong-dong + Bukchon

We had breakfast at home before we decided on where to go for the day.
I stuffed myself with as much Anchovies as i could. haha

We headed off to Samcheong-dong and Bukchon after that.
I got my pre-paid SIM card at the KT Olleh centre near Gwanhwamun Station!

Bread at a neighbourhood bakery
Samcheong-dong is like a Cafe Street. During lunch time, it gets a little crowded.
Nam Myung brought me to a popular restaurant which sells hand-pinched noodles. 
I would give the dish a rating of 9/10.
One bowls costs Sujebi costs 7000won


Delicious hand-pinched noodles

This restaurant is situated near the bus stop at Samcheong-dong. Board bus #11 from the bus stop outside the KT Olleh centre near Gwanghwamun Station to Samcheong-dong. 

Quest for Ice-cream Waffle:


Set A: Ice Cream Waffle with a cup of iced Americano, 13 500 won


Juice stall in Sinchon
According to Piangs, this is THE BOMB YO.

Directions here

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