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Day 6 Namdaemun Market

We took a bus to Namdaemun and i was swaying from left to right as i slept.

When we arrived at Namdaemun, we went down to the subway station to try to find Grandma.
While Nam Myung was on the phone, i looked to my left and saw this middle-aged woman carrying a luggage cart with boxes on it down the stairs. Instinctively, i went over to help her.
She reminded me of myself when i arrived in Korea on my first day and was lugging my luggage down the stairs in a busy subway station.  I was secretly hoping that someone would help me because it was so heavy that i felt as though i was carrying a cow. A kind ahjusshi came over and helped me with my luggage. Kind gestures from strangers never fail to warm my heart.
She thanked me profusely and even hugged me. She held on to my hand and told Nam Myung that i have a warm heart HAHA After holding on to my hand for a minute or so while she talked to Nam Myung, she turned to me and asked me if i wanted a Korean boyfriend. She then mentioned that she has a son. HAHAHAHA After which, she swept my fringe to the side of my face to inspect my face. 

I noticed that people are really open about dating and relationships. Mr Kim also asked me about what i look for in a partner and if i wanted him to introduce someone to me while Mrs Kim encouraged me to get married in Korea. 

Grandma didn't bring her phone out HAHAHA. So cute.
We walked around Namdaemun and i tried some delicious street food.

We ate dakkgomtang (boiled chicken soup)  and it was DAEBAKKKK.

Shinsegae department store at Namdaemun station


This chain of bibimbap stalls are on the left side of the main street(near the beginning of the street)  when you get out from exit 6.

Namdaemun has many wholesale retailers but unfortunately, they only entertain bulk purchasers.

Hotteok, dough with caramel filling: 1000won, 8.5/10

Mandu: 1000 won for 2, 6/10


Dakgomtang, boiled chicken broth: 10 000 won, 9.5/10!!!

Turn turn left when you reach the first intersection of the main street(via exit 6). It is in one of the food alleys.

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is this the equivalent of roadside food markets?
hahaha keep yr fringe off yr face so u can look out for korean potentials! (or so they can see you!) ;p

By Blogger kai, at June 20, 2012 at 1:55 AM  

hmmm kind of! they have food alleys, clothes, accessories and everything else. feels a little like bangkok!

By Blogger Unknown, at June 20, 2012 at 9:00 AM  

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