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Day 5 Dinner + Soccer

I spent about 70,000 won today ):

So i suggested that we should head back for dinner HAHAHA
Grandma cooked steamed egg. 
It was a simple meal with the usual side dishes, steamed egg and luncheon meat because she was busy preparing kimchi.

Today Grandpa got drunk and he kept asking me if i liked Korea. 
"So how do you like Korea time?"
"cho wa yo cho wa yo mani cho wa yo"
"You like Korea time?"
"*nods head* ya i love it hahaha"
"how do you like Korea? Do you like Korea time?"
"ye i like Korea a lot hahaha"
(Nam Myung and Grandma asked him to go back to his room HAHAHAH)

1 hour later:
"So how do you like Korea?
Do you like Korea?"
"Ye i love Korea I like it here hahaha"
"*points to Joo Kyung* he is my baby"

During dinner, i told Mr Kim that i am going to go for a run at the neighbourhood park.
He said that Joo Kyung wants to play after dinner so he asked if we wanted to go.
We headed to an elementary school in the neighbourhood and played soccer there.
After passing the ball around, the four of us split into two groups to play a mini game.
Joo Kyung turned to me and asked me to team up with him.
(me thinks that he knows that i can play soccer and he wants to win LOL)

Ahhh tonight was great.
Watching Joo Kyung run after the ball with all his might, attempting to steal the ball from Mr Kim and pushing Nam Myung when she got the ball(HAHA), i realised that soccer does indeed bring people together.
As we played and laughed, my heart felt so light and worry-less.
For 30 minutes or so, we forgot about what was going on in our daily lives and revelled in the game. 

Tonight's game has been added to my mental chamber of extra precious memories.

Joo Kyung and i were dribbling the ball on the way home.
If i could snap a picture of that moment, i would frame it up in my room.
I hope this memory never fades.

Joo Kyung and i then raced back home.
He shouted 'i won noona!!!' in Korean when he reached the gate first.

I gave Nam Myung and Joo Kyung a small souvenir each and forced a 'gahmsahamnida' out of a shy Joo Kyung.



sweet :)

By Blogger kai, at June 20, 2012 at 1:56 AM  

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