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Day 5 Hongdae + Sunnyne Pet Cafe

After lunch, we walked around E-dae and Sinchon and took a bus to Hongdae!
Guess what i saw at Hongdae????
I didn't order my all-time favourite Oolong Milk Tea with herbal jelly though ):
I was too full ):
Well, a least if i experience any withdrawal symptoms, i can head over to hongdae haha

Nam Myung brought me to Too Cool For School, a shop that sells cosmetics.
The lady applied moisturizer, sun block and colourless BB cream on my face. 
I had (almost) flawless complexion for about 3 hours HAHA.
I bought the moisturizer even though i was really tempted to buy the BB cream...
Decided that i don't like having thick layers of lotion on my face... and i will be too lazy to apply it whenever i leave home.

Too Cool For School:
Service: 11/10 
even though Nam Myung was being the translator haha

A lot of people were petitioning for the removal of the MBC CEO.


Sunnye Dog Cafe!!

I have a strong feeling that this is Spudgy from the eatyourkimchi family!

Directions to Sunnyne Pet Cafe here.

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