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Day 9 Seoul Folk Flea Market

Seoul Folk Flea Market is situated near the guesthouse that i am staying at, but i only decided to visit it today when i was on my way back.

I lost my way in the industrial park area and i asked a lady and her son for directions.
Her son is the quintessence of a sunshine boy. HAHA. He has the kind of smile and spark in his eyes that makes everyone (ok only me) want to play with him in a musical fountain. He was blabbering in English and he kept on smiling while his mom used her mobile phone to check the directions.

I thanked them and walked towards my destination. After about 15m, i turned around.
I waved to him and he waved back.


On my way out, i stumbled upon the craft centre and decided to do a traditional Korean dish.
The young girl at was so sweet!
She bothered to look up places on naver and show them to me because i told her that i ran out of places to shop at. HAHA


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