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Day 8 Wangsimni

I walked around the shopping centre, Enter 6 Fashion Square(exit 6), but the prices of the clothes there are pretty steep.
I also explored the streets near exit 11, and the area around Haengdang Market in particular.

I thought i was really smart and decided to join this queue full of girls, thinking that it probably leads to a shopping district. It turns out that they were heading to school. Thank God i didn't board the shuttle bus.


I walked down the street leading to the adjacent station, Sangwangsimni.

I took a left turn and tried to find Haengdang market.
I was captivated by the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood and i couldn't help but snap away at almost everything.
Time seemed to slow down as i strolled along the streets.

Red Bean bread because i couldn't speak Korean):

Cafe Mocha, 3000won



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