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Day 8 Itaewon

While i was waiting for the train, i thought of the ahjusshi who helped me get to Sinseol-dong on the first day i set foot in this country.
He was so warm and helpful.
He guided me and a group of friends travelling together to our respective stations.

He is an avid trekker and happened to be heading to a mountain in the east.
(me thinks he is 68 years old haha)

He told us to contact him if we ever want to go trekking.


I only walked around half of Itaewon.

I wanted to get a souvenir bag tag but the service was really bad so i walked out.

Garang Guni


I saw a queue outside this restaurant, so i decided to eat there HAHA.

Directly opposite the entrance of the restaurant.

They have another section on the left.

I ordered Noodles in Anchovy Broth

Noodles in Anchovy Broth, 5000won. Tasted like a simple home-cooked meal. I reckon the other dishes tasted really good because i don't see anyone eating this.

To get there:
According to the map at the beginning of this post, when you turn in to Rodeo Fashion Street, you will come to an intersection:

Stick to the walls on your right and walk on.
You will see this if you're on the right track:




I bought a croissant again.



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