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Day 7 Myeongdong + Hara Donuts

While wandering around the streets of Myeongdong, i stumbled upon Hara Donuts.
I expected the price of the donuts sold to be way beyond my budget, but when i saw that the donuts were priced between 1,200won and 2000won, i knew that i needed to try one.
The labels are all in Korean but ordered the plainest-looking donut (which also happened to have a 'No. 1' note attached to its label).
It turned out to be the original Hara Donut.

Let's just say that if i didn't control myself, i would get 5 Hara Donuts. 

Window seats are the best for solo travellers HAHA


I also got a croissant and a cream puff from The Bake at Eulijiro 1-ga station.
This is my second time getting a croissant from this bakery and i think it is worth a try if you happen to pass by.

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