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Day 16 Daegu: Museums in Banwoldang

Armed with a tourist map, i visited some tourist spots and museums whilst on my way to Seomun Market.
I met a man while i was on my way to one of my destinations.
To be honest, i was scared.
My mother's face started appearing in my mind and she was warning me not to talk to strangers.
Newspaper cuttings of girls getting kidnapped and raped in a foreign country floated around in my sea of thoughts.

But i thought that i will know when to make my escape if there ever is a need.
I was fully vigilant as he led me to another place.
We reached an alley with a painting of Lee Sang Hwa on it.
As he explained the poem written beside the painting, i was ready to push off from my right foot and take off any second.
Then, at the end of the alley, i saw the Old House of Lee Sang Hwa.

As he talked to me, i was thinking of how to tell him that i wish to continue on my journey alone.
After i walked around the house, i waited for a while as he chatted with the caretaker and then i thanked him and told him that i would be leaving.

Roman Catholic Cathedral Church (Gyesan Cathedral)

Jeil Church

Missionary Chamnes's House (Medical Museum)

In the vicinity:

Missionary Switzer's Residence (Museum of Mission)




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