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Day 14 Dakgalbi at Sinchon

I headed to Sinchon in the evening to wander around.
It's really frustrating because i can NEVER locate the street where they sell clothes...

I ended up wandering around the food streets and i had a hard time deciding where to eat at.
Finally, i settled on a restaurant that serves Dakgalbi!
It seemed like a relatively popular restaurant as it was quite crowded.

I ordered Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice and the waitress cooked the meal on the pan on my table.

Food: 9.5/10
Best chicken dish i have tasted thus far.
For those who have a small appetite, one serving can probably feed two mouths because they give a lot of rice.
Needless to say, i finished every grain of rice.
If i could lick the pan, i might.

Service: 3/10 
Aside from the (mandatory) greetings when i first entered the restaurant, the waitress who cooked my food looked as though she was cooking for a deceased family member. She didn't even look at me. After  she completed the frying, she left without a word or even a gesture of any sort. Her attitude made me question my own existence.

- Go through the underground arcade (somewhere near exit 6)
- You will emerge at a junction
- Cross over to where Krispy Kreme is and walk straight for about (what seemed like) 300m. I took about 2-3minutes.
- The restaurant will be on your right.

Miserable amount of marinated chicken for a chicken lover.

The final product!!

My stomach was filled to the brim.
Then again, maybe not, because i managed to stuff another two donuts from Krispy Kreme and an egg puff from a street food stall.

I didn't really like the Original Glazed Donuts (1200won  each) that i got because it was too sweet for my liking.
I would very much prefer Hara Donuts.

I don't know what this is called, but i got it at 1000won.



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