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Day 12 Gangnam Underground Shopping Area + Dinner

I headed over to Gangnam Station's underground mall to some shopping and to have lunch during my four-hour break.
The clothes sold are really affordable even though the shops more or less sell the same t-shirts.
If you comb through the area, you will probably be able to find some treasures!


I had lunch at a restaurant directly behind the YBM building (at exit 3 if i'm not wrong)
The jajangmyeon is really good.



After lessons, i headed over to a Chicken Restaurant near Naksongdae with a bunch of new friends!
(exit 4, walk straight for about 80m, turn left at the second intersection. (the first intersection is after the petrol kiosk))

Fried Chicken, 16 000won

Grilled or BBQ(i forgot) Chicken with spicy sauce, 16 500 won)

I think what we ordered can feed 5 mouths unless all the mouths belong to an Emily.
I love chicken so if you and your friends love chicken, this should be able to feed 3.5 - 4 people.

The batter on the fried chicken tasted good.
The meat was well marinated and succulent.
I loved it!



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