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Day 15 Soccer with Joo Kyung

Ahh, i am back in the Kim's neighbourhood. I left my slippers there so i had a good excuse to go back to get it and to play soccer with Joo Kyung at the same time.

While we were on the train, Nam Myung called Joo Kyung and told him to get ready because Emily noona would be going over to play soccer with him.  I asked about his reply and she said that he just answered 'yes'... She went on to say that Korean guys don't like to express their true feelings and that he is probably very happy HAHA.

It was really nice seeing Grandma and Grandpa again. I changed into my jersey and Joo Kyung and i headed over to the middle school field as usual. There was no one and we played 1v1 like we did the last time. This time, the entire session was filled with cackles of laughter when the little boy was trying to steal the ball away from me and shouts of disappointment when he narrowly missed the goal. His face turned tomato red after running to and fro across the pitch, but he refused to rest. He took great  delight in running past me with the ball whenever i suggested that we should take a break. I am glad because i can feel that he is slowly opening up to me.

After dinner, Mrs Kim and Grandma sent me off at the gate and Joo Kyung was scrambling to wear his shoes. So sweet of him. Mrs Kim and i ran to catch the bus. When i got on the bus, i turned around to see a smiling Joo Kyung waving goodbye to me.
Ahh, a warm smile from a child.
No picture is needed to remember a smile like that.

(Of course, i would rather have a picture if i could HAHAHA)

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