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Day 16 Hello Daegu

I left for Daegu at 8am on a Friday morning. The tickets can be easily purchased on the day of departure. Once you reach the Seoul Express Bus Terminal Station, the signs will lead you to the respective terminals depending your destination.

The ticket to Daegu on an 'Excellence' class bus costs 24,100 won for a one way trip. Most of the classes are the 'Excellence' class. The cheaper(~16,000won) 'General' class buses do not depart for other cities as frequently. Basically, the 'Excellence' class buses have three seats in a row and the chairs are larger and more comfortable than the coaches we often see in Singapore. They also have a reclinable back rest and an adjustable leg rest.

After a 3h 40min bus ride, i arrived at Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal.
In Daegu, if you do not have a Toppass, you have to purchase a Single Ticket every time you enter a train station.
Each Single Ticket chip costs 1,200won regardless of your destination.

I proceeded to Banwoldang Station and found my way to my guesthouse subsequently.

Upon arrival at Daegu:


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