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Day 16 Daegu: Seomun Market

I left the Old House of Lee Sang Hwa and prayed that the man was not a stalker.

I walked along a street without realising that it was Yangnyeongsi Street until an old man approached and offered his help while i was looking at my map.
He asked me what my next stop is and i told him that it is Seomun Market.

The kind old man brought me to Seomun Market and walked away briskly.(i suppose he is on his way to work)

Thank you!!

Seomun Market is my favourite place to visit in Daegu.
It is a three-minute walk away from Seomun Market Station.

Seomun Market is massive and offers a wide array of products ranging from groceries to household necessities to clothes.
It was a joy walking around the market, just looking at everything and everyone. 

A lady handed me a cup containing two mandus.
I took out a bill and handed it to her.
She told me that it is a free food sample.

It was gooood.

A man was handing out samples of seaweed at his stall.
I bought three packets of it to bring home.
But i ate one big packet today so errr, i am not sure if the other two packets can survive another month.

 I bought the blue body scrub and tried it later in the day when i showered.
It didn't feel that rough by my standards but it was the roughest among all the scrubs.

Picture me picking up the pink scrub...
'Ahh, no kick sial...'

...and the yellow scrub and the green scrub and the ____ scrub
'can't be that painful as what people have claimed right?...'

Finally i picked the blue scrub...
'hmm, this seems to be the roughest but still not rough enough leh... ah heck, i'll just give it a shot'

In the bathroom at night:
'ladidadidu ~~ *wets scrub and squeezes body foam on it*'

Yup, it becomes sandpaper when it is soaked with water.

I passed by this stall and needless to say, the price attracted me.
It is hard to find food at 2,500won in Korea.
Food here is really expensive compared to that in Singapore.
I can get economic rice with meat, fish and vegetables at 4-5 SGD, but the same amount of money here can only get me two-thirds of a bowl of jajangmyun(which has a negligible amount of meat in it).

I pointed to the banner and told the lady that i wanted a bowl of those noodles.
It turned out to be Janchi Guksu (a meatless version of course, since the price is only 2500won).
The broth was spicy, but it was simple and delicious.
It tasted like Seomun Market.
As i sat on the stool and ate a simple meal, i took in the sights, sounds and smells of Seomun Market.

Guksu is a common dish in the market and there are many other stalls selling the same thing.
Competition is stiff and stall owners try their best to encourage you (rather aggressively haha) tohave a meal at their stall.

I have no idea what these are, but they look like some kind of larvae to me.

The watermelons in Korea are the best i have tasted. (I have only tasted watermelons in two countries)
The ones in Korea are sweet and juicy, but they are not cheap.
Half a melon can cost up to 15000won if i remember correctly.

I saw these colourful beans but i don't know what kind of beans they are.

If i could, i would love to sit down beside her and ask her about her day.

Seomun Market also has a (pretty extensive) section which sells clothes and accessories.
Do explore the other floors when you visit!

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