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Day 10 SNU + Soccer with New Friends

I got to SNU in one piece but lugging a 20kg luggage while carrying a backpack with Nathan in it made me sweat buckets of water.

I met my roommate today.
Feeling a little frustrated with my inability to speak Korean.
I didn't really talk to her besides greeting her when i leave the room and when i return to the room.
Most of the time we are just typing away at our computers.
I am really looking forward to learning Korean because there are so many things i want to say to people.
Sometimes when the locals speak to me, i always have to start with 'I can't speak Korean'.
The conversation usually ends after they ask me where i am from.
I want to ask them more and i want to tell them more.
I set off for Janhanpyeong Station which is really quite a distance from the dormitory.
Apparently, the team i was supposed to play for didn't turn up, so i ended up joining the 2-sided game that our opponents were playing.
They are really nice people and i look forward to meeting them again!

Sometimes, it is the team that makes you look forward to every training.

My dormitory.



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