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Day 17 Daegu: Yongyeonsa Temple

When i alighted from the taxi, a wave of relieve washed over me.
Being on holy grounds made me feel safe and calm.
I made it.
No matter how long or tough the journey here was, i chose this temple over the other temples, and i made it here eventually.

A hiking route that attracted me.
I walked up for about 200m and turned back before the sounds of chanting from the temple drowned out completely

I bought a bracelet and a handphone charm for my father at the souvenir shop.
The lady gave me another handphone charm free  of charge.

I asked the ahjusshi at the information kiosk about the location of the bus stop.
He spoke no English but he asked me to sit down and wait inside the booth.
He went out of the booth for awhile before he signalled to me to come out.
He had asked a couple to drive me to Daegok Station!

I am really touched by the kindness of the people i have met so far and i am grateful for their help.
May they be blessed with good health and happiness.

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