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Day 32 Suwon: Streets near Paldalmun (leading to Hwaseong Haenggung)

To get to Suwon station, i had to transfer from line 4 to Line 1 at Geumjeong station.
Because i woke up very late(1230pm) and my favourite bakery Jean Boulangerie at Naksongdae station exit 4 (walk straight, pass the petrol kiosk, turn left and it will be beside the bus stop) is closed on Sundays, i didn't have breakfast or lunch. ):
Hence, as the train zoomed past the food stalls on the platform, my eyes remained glued to the windows.

When i alighted, i saw two ladies ordering something which smelt really good.
I pointed to what they were ordering and told the auntie that i wanted one of it as well.
It is a simple ham and cheese sandwich with egg, chilli sauce and another green sauce.
It costs 1,800 won and it is the tastiest sandwich i have ever eaten. (possibly because i was starving)


Upon reaching Suwon station, i headed to the tourist information centre at exit 4 to get a map.
I also asked for directions to the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.
To get to the fortress, go out via exit 4, turn left and board buses #11, #13, #36 or #39 at the bus stop.
Alight at 'Paldalmun'.
Navigate with the map and you won't go wrong!


I walked through this street directly behind Paldalmun on my way to Hwaseong Haenggung.
It is a short street that stretches for about 250m but traces of the past can be seen at almost every corner.
Nearing the Paldalmun Tourist Information Center where the hike up Suwon Hwaseong Fortress begins, the street curves to reveal a the ticket kiosk and a stone fortress that extends up to the point in which the sky and the top of the hill meet.
It is very tempting, even on a rainy day, to drop whatever plans you have and embark on a trip along the fortified walls that encircles the town.
I will leave that for another day.

Suwon is a charming city that i will definitely visit again.

On the way to the fortress


The starting point of the fortress. The entrance fee is 1000won

Dinner at a cosy restuarant

Nongshim instant noodles with egg, 3000won


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