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Day 29 Seoul Grand Park

I am not targeting the zoos in Korea, i am talking about zoos IN GENERAL.
These are just my opinions, so if you do not wish to read an emotional post, just don't read beyond this line.

I am starting to dislike zoos.

Why should we take animals away from their natural environment and put them in cages just so that people can taunt them, point at them and sometimes laugh at their seemingly 'unusual'/'funny' behaviour?
Of course, there are those who truly want to know more about them and educate their children.


They don't belong with us.
They belong in the forest. They don't live in fenced out areas with a deep drains surrounding them. They don't live in cages the size of my bedroom.

They hunt for their food.
They lay low in a crouching stance in the tall grass, eyes fixated on their target.
At the right moment, they spring from their position like a catapulted pebble and give chase.
The pursuit across the grassland spans several miles.
The background blurs out into shades of green, yellow and brown as the predator closes in on its prey.

They don't wait on top of blocks of wood while a human throws skinned chickens down from two storeys above as the audience watches in awe.

They have wings. They live in nests on trees. They spread their wings and soar high above us.
They migrate from place to place. 
Birds of prey don't live in 6m high cages damn it.

They live in the ocean. 
They don't live in shallow ponds with artificial rocks and peeling blue paint.
They cut through the waters without having to slow down.
There are no corners in the ocean.
They don't have to swim countless 20m laps to burn off their energy and anxiety.

They have never really known about limits and boundaries, until we brought them here.

We are the ones who chose to study them.

We should be the ones going to their habitats to study them.
Man is selfish,... too selfish sometimes.




Then i saw this monkey.
He was resting on a ledge near the glass panel and he was so close.
His child(presumably) was running around and swinging from trunk to trunk, a stark contrast to his behaviour.
I reached out my hand to him.
He was unfazed by my gesture, a human's gesture of friendship.



The lions' enclosure

The wolves' enclosure.
I have mentioned before that wolves are one of my favourite wild animals.
The sight of the them being kept in cages is heartbreaking.

The Alpha male forcefully shifting his pack member away.


Asian Compound.





Birds of Prey:






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