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Day 30 Anguk + MMMG Cafe

Advertisement for the soon to be open s** museum(according to my friend)

Yes, it is.

I have been here for 30 days. The past 30 days are probably the best days of my life. Every day, i've been seeing new places, hearing strings of sentences of a language that is still quite foreign to me, tasting authentic Korean cuisine and feeling a (positive) spectrum of emotions. I have learnt more about myself. Some positive, some negative. Nonetheless, I am glad that i am able to embark on this journey of self-discovery.

The world itself is indeed, the best textbook anyone can ask for.

Get out of exit 1 of Anguk station and turn left.
You will see the circular sign with the words 'MMMG' on it.

I actually found pictures of this cafe online, so i decided to drop by since i am in the vicinity.

I orderd Mocha Frappucino and got it at a touristy price of 7000won.
I like the drink though.
I ain't not coffee connoisseur but i am known as a very fussy eater.

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