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Day 30 The National Folk Museum of Korea

While i was deciding on where to go for the day, i stumbled upon pictures of the National Folk Museum of Korea.

So dumdeedum, i dropped by Anguk station, got out of exit 1 walked alllll the way to Gyeongbukgung Palace.

Free admission(to the museum only) = a happy me

I only visited a very small section of the place though.

The view of the Late 19th Century Street that i visited:
It is a small street lined with replicas of shops.
Every shop is immaculately designed and i think they successful recreated the atmosphere.
All that is missing is the people.
I think it would be good to hire actors to do some role-playing during the weekends.
They could walk through the streets and sit in the shops.
That would really be a spectacular sight.

I wish that they would expand the area though, i can't get enough of it.

A replica of a train in the past:

A shop selling herbs:


A salon:

A restaurant:

A shop selling comics:

A coffee shop:
(They have a coffee vending machine inside. 
You can get a small cup of coffee for just 300won and go back in time as you relax and sip on your coffee)

I have no idea what this is:
A shop selling records perhaps?

A studio:

A classroom:


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