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Day 29 Dinner at COEX Mall

Before this, i visited Apgujeong.
All the flashy cars and valet parking services, the luxury brands and fancy restaurants made me feel little out of place.

I took a long bus ride to COEX mall because the bus made a loop and i ended up going back to where i boarded the bus.

This restaurant can be accessed via exits 5 and 6 of Samseong station. cut across the square to the COEX mall entrance, find your way to this huge rest area with many seats and walk to the opposite side. 
It should be somewhere on the opposite side
HAHA this is as good as not giving any directions HAHAHA

Anyway, i had a very filling meal.
I even finished all the lettuce. (ok i didn't eat the stems)
The meals costs 7000won and i think it can feed two girls (who are dieting).

They are really generous with their meat. 
I couldn't finish drinking the soup because it was too spicy and my stomach was filled to the brim.



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