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Day 33 A Cup of Coffee with a Friend

This afternoon, after a gruelling lecture session during which i spent the first half frantically rushing out my essay, i headed over to a friend's cafe in Isu.

I got myself an iced Cafe Latte and a Choco Cheesecake. She sat down with me and as i did my Korean Language assignment, we drifted off to discuss her plans on visiting the little red dot. It is funny how difficult it is to think of interesting places for her to visit. Maybe to us locals, the word 'interesting' can no longer be found in our dictionary. We don't travel around our country to 'interesting' places, we go out to meet people. There is no longer the essence of exploration as our lives revolve around the relationships we have built. Our friends, our families and our loved ones. It is they who make the places we go to interesting.

This could be the reason why people here always find it hard to answer me whenever i ask them for suggestions on where to go besides the usual tourist spots.

Sometimes, we all just need a break.
To stop what we are doing, and ponder over the next step to take.

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