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Day 33 Streets of ... Nok-du-ro

My friends and i took a cab to get to a restaurant near our school.
It is a 10-minute drive so the area should be near Seoul National Univ. station or Naksongdae Station.
Bus #5515 goes to this area as well.
If you are taking a taxi, show this to the driver:

One of my friend's housemate introduced them to a restaurant there. 
We were denied entry into the restaurant, (i really don't know why) so we went off to Sinchon instead.

This place is stuffed with restaurants and it is a great place to be in for dinner with a group of friends. 

The bus stop at the main street.

The restaurant we were supposed to go to. The interior resembles that of a cave. Very creative.

Ahh, the orange hues of the setting sun.

A bakery near the bus stop at the main street:

Cheese tart, 2000 won



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