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Day 35 Bread and Ice Cream at Naksongdae

The bakery that i frequent is called Jean Boulangerie.
It can be accessed via exit 4 of Naksongdae station.
Walk pass the petrol kiosk and you will see Cafe Felicita ahead.
Along the same row of shops, Jean Boulangerie is right next to the bus stop.

I like their plain buns (3000 won, in packs of ten), cheese tarts (2000won) and sausage buns (1000won).
The buns that i like are usually gone by 5 or 6pm.):

Cafe Felicita is small Gelato pit stop for ice cream lovers like me.
I have tried Cookie, Cream Cheese, Milk, Yoghurt and Green Tea so far.
I especially like the combination of Cookie and Milk: 

The small cup can be filled with two different flavours and it costs only 2500won.
The texture of the gelato is smooth and it is not too milky.
I prefer it over Baskin Robbins in fact.



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