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Day 41 Skipping Lesson to Play Soccer

Make your weaknesses become your strengths and make your strengths become second nature to you.
I missed Korean language lessons today because my legs were very itchy and my boots were calling my name in the middle of the night. Hence, at 520pm, i trotted over to Daechi Sports Complex and ran into the arms of my old friend, Soccer.

It must be my lucky day because they had insufficient players in the mens' team and some of us got to play!
I played as a left midfielder for about 60 minutes.
As much as it was thoroughly exhausting, it was exhilarating.
I did make a lot of blunders but towards the second half, i was more composed.

I thought of the times when i felt pressured to improve to match up to my teammates.
Sometimes it is hard to handle that feeling of inadequacy and incapability.
It leads me to think that perhaps, i need to stop and take a step back.
And then maybe i will realise that i shouldn't be running desperately after a pack of able-performers.
I hate being an underachiever. 
It could be because i have never really achieved anything i set out to do.
Ok, i have digressed a lot.

The conclusion is, i still want to be there.
Every single time i think of walking out of this, i get pulled back.
Again and again and again.


The team is very much like a cocktail of different cultures from all over the world.
I got the chance to meet people who have vastly different backgrounds from the people i knew back home.
I enjoy playing with this team because everyone is so warm and encouraging.
I am really thankful for the opportunities.

(apologies for the weirdly-coloured grass due to bad editing)

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