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Day 45 Cafe: Art For Life at Buam-dong

Art For Life Cafe: a quaint cafe owned by warm-hearted Mr Sung

I walked past this cafe before while i was on my way to Sanmotoonge a few weeks ago but i didn't think of checking it out. This time i passed by their entrance and the image of a cup of iced coffee surfaced in my mind when i was about 10m away. I needed a drink to survive the summer heat and the walk through my destination for the day: Baeksasil Valley.

I spun around and re-traced my steps back to the entrance. Little did i know that i had stumbled upon a gem. I think i do believe in fate.

I walked down the stairs to the open area behind the entrance. I pulled back the glass door to the cafe and a man smiled at me. I greeted him and i asked if they do take-outs. He said yes and ushered me to the chair at the bar counter. The sweet young lady at the counter read out the drinks to me in english. I wanted to leave when i realised that they didn't serve smoothies. However, i settled on iced Americano.

While waiting for my drink to be prepared, i told the lady that i will be going out to take some pictures. When i returned, my coffee was still being prepared. The owner placed a small plate of cherries before me. He smiled with that same warm smile that i saw when i first entered and asked me where i am from. I also chatted with the young lady at the counter who spoke fluent english. The owner is a musician and also a photographer. He plays the oboe and takes beautiful photographs. I love it that the cafe is like an extension of him and his life. It is filled with pictures and of course, it centres around the warmest cafe owner i have ever met - Mr Sung Pil-kwan.

When he passed by the counter again, he placed a plate of sliced tomatoes in front of me. I don't eat tomatoes because i dislike the taste. But such sincerity and kindness touched my heart. Food from the heart has to be received with gratitude so i made sure i finished every slice. A while later, my coffee was done. It was the first time that i tasted quality drip coffee. 

While i enjoyed my cup of freshly brewed Americano, they were busy scooping ice cream into small cups. Then, boiling hot espresso was poured into each cup - Affogato. He distributed the heavenly treat to everyone in the cafe. I devoured mine with satisfaction.

I hung around for a while more and left after finishing my coffee to continue on my journey to explore Baeksasil.

I remember smiling to myself as i walked out of the cafe.
Thank you for brightening up my day!


Art For Life is a Gallery and Fusion Italian Restaurant in Buam-dong

-Gyeongbokgung Station exit 3
-Walk straight for about 80m until you reach a bus-stop
-Board bus 7022 or 1020
-Alight at Buam-dong Community Service Centre
-Walk in the opposite direction of the bus till you see two light blue telephone booths
-Turn left till you reach a painting of a cup of coffee on a concrete wall which directs you to Sanmotoonge
-Follow the signs uphill towards Sanmotoonge
-You will pass by some cafes along the way. Art For Life is one of them!

I didn't visit a cafe the previous day, so this gem will make up for it!

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Thank you for this posting and pictures, Emily. I'm the young lady working in this restaurant. I was also happy to meet you. Take care and have a good time in Korea :)

By Anonymous Mira LEE, at July 30, 2012 at 2:03 AM  

Hello Mira! i added a few more pictures of us here. Have a great time studying and working in Korea! i will visit you if i come back to Korea!(:

By Blogger Unknown, at July 30, 2012 at 10:44 PM  

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