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Day 44 My Last Night in SNU: Pajeon 파전 with Friends

We went back to the delicious pajeon and makgeoli restaurant at Nokdu-ro (directions(somewhat) here) to eat our favourite seafood pajeon for the last time in a few years(i hope...). Time really flies. One week, one month, one year, two years... Before we know it, we will all be sitting in a rocking chair telling our children or grandchildren(or dogs and cats, if we don't get married) stories of pancakes, beer and kimchi. These precious memories and mental images of our friends and family laughing at the dinner table will be kept close to our hearts for as long as we live.

Oh and here's a picture of the peak hour crowd in the subway stations.

Seafood Pajeon, Haemul Pajeon, 10 000won

Potato pancake, Gamja Pajeon, 10 000won

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