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Day 45 Buam-dong, Baeksasil Valley

Baeksasil Valley can be easily accessed by taking a bus to Buam-dong Community Centre. It lies deep within the residential area and it provides respite from the hectic everyday life(of which i will be experiencing very soon T.T). There are many families having picnics by the stream in the valley. There is also a temple situated in the Valley. I continued walking after reaching the main road and i returned to the bus stop that i alighted at when i arrived. 

Of the few neighbourhoods that i have visited, i like Buam-dong best. I would love to live here if i could.

This number reminds me of a lot of things. My team, my school, my achievements, my failures... or rather, just who i am.

Baeksasil Valley

-Gyeongbokgung Station exit 3
-Walk straight for about 80m until you reach a bus-stop
-Board bus 7022 or 1020(i didn't try this)
-Alight at Buam-dong Community Service Centre
-Walk in the opposite direction of the bus till you see two light blue telephone booths
-Turn left till you reach a painting of a cup of coffee on a concrete wall which directs you to Sanmotoonge
-Follow the signs uphill towards Sanmotoonge
-Continue on the road in front of Sanmotoonge and proceed downhill.

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