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Day 2 Myeongdong Street + Cat Cafe

Myeongdong is ginormous.
It is about half the size of Sentosa HAHA.

The streets were swarming with people.

Lee Min Ho, supposedly.
I saw a teddy bear mascot standing at a cross-road advertising for the Cat Cafe.
So off i went!
I paid 8000 for the entrance fee which comes with a drink.
Most of the cats were having their afternoon siesta and it was a tough job getting a clear picture of the playful ones.

Pregnant cats have a blue scarf around their necks.

Cafe Mocha

Automatic vacuum cleaner

hmmm, who shall father my kittens?

Bakery at Euljiro -ga station.  The croissant(1,000 won)  is cheap and tasty!

I wrote in my journal while i chilled at the cat cafe because Joshua was so tired that he refused to wake up from his nap...
I think being in another country makes one feel very carefree and devoid of worries.
I can do whatever i want and go wherever i want to. Nothing is holding me back.
Tomorrow, i will be heading over to my host family's home in Hongik for a four-day homestay!



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