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Day 4 Picnic @ Imjingak Park

Mr Kim brought us to Imjingak Park in the afternoon.
The carpark was full of cars and the hills around the fountain were dotted with colourful tents.
Children were frolicking in the fountain as their parents watched over them.
The sky was a never-ending expanse of the loveliest shade of blue.
Ahhh, it was the perfect place to be at on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Soo Young and Nam Myung brought me to the area surrounding the DMZ.
Nam Myung talked about how Koreans feel very strongly about unification and i saw the sadness in her eyes when she said that she detested the fact that so many unnecessary deaths resulted from the war.

Apparently this menu contains all the different types of Korean food.

On the opposite bank lies North Korea

An ahjumma was walking around asking people to sign a petition for re-unification

We went back to the picnic area and Nam Myung pulled a frantic Joo Kyung who was yelling "Appa appa appa!!!" to the fountain area.

Ahhh too cute

This mischievous boy came over to me while his parents were setting up tent and started 'shooting' me with his gun.
I should've exaggerated and played dead.
He came over a couple of times and when i took out my camera, he lost his playful demeanour and posed for the camera.



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